19th Annual Appeal Golf Tournament at River Landing at Sandy Ridge

Published: June 27, 2024

19th Annual Appeal Golf Tournament

-Janel Boyd

The 19th year of our Annual Appeal Golf Tournament took place this month. The 52 spirited participants arrived ready for a great day of golfing, each with a common goal - to contribute to our Annual Appeal, a cause close to our hearts. The day was not just about the competition, it was about solidarity, and as the tournament came to a close, we had collected a heartening sum exceeding $13,000.

When it came to the victors, Home Instead claimed the top spot, a testament to their aim on the green. The resident team, led by the Gustafson duo (Kerry Gustafson, Kerry Gustafson, Jr.) claimed a proud second standing. Troy Brim & Ken Massey, representing Frank L. Blum Construction, finished in the third spot. 

As the Director of our Golf Course, Scooter Nance put it, "There's a unique flavor to our tournaments, quite literally." His words brought to mind the aroma of oven-baked cookies from the 5th hole, a tradition our participants eagerly anticipate each year. It's these little threads of continuity that bring out our golfing community each year; the joy of golf, and the gift of giving back.  




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