Fitness Center and Aquatics


Workout Room

This area is outfitted with the latest in exercise equipment. The equipment is divided into two groups; the cardio line and the strength training line. 
The cardio line is designed to increase the heart rate, burn calories and build endurance. The line includes treadmills, recumbent bikes and Nustep recumbent cross trainers. 
The strength line is equipped with six different machines designed to increase muscle mass. These machines are  unique because they use air pressure instead of weight to provide resistance. The machines increase muscle mass and help improve range of motion in joints. Residents simply dial in their desired resistance setting instead of having to lift heavy weights to set up traditional workout machines. 

Aquatic Center

This area includes a heated indoor pool, a sauna and a hot tub. The wellness director offers many activities in which our residents can participate.

Aerobics Room

The aerobics room is equipped with a rubberized floor which provides traction to reduce falls or injuries due to impact. The room also features a mirrored wall so residents can monitor their form and assure they are preforming an excercise correctly. A balance beam extends across the front and back of the room and is used to improve balance and assist in streching. Many classes and activities take place in this area.