enCompass Wellness

At Brightspire communities, your wellness is a priority. It’s about more than just fitness— wellness affects your mind, body, and spirit. That's why we offer the enCompass wellness program to all of our residents.

Our enCompass program encourages residents to find better health in the eight dimensions of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, nutritional, environmental, safety, and community outreach. Total wellness, through the eight dimensions, results in a happier and more fulfilled life.

When you participate in the enCompass program, you will experience a culture of wellness in which everyone is encouraged to discover and enjoy his or her optimum level of health and fitness. enCompass focuses on the whole person and provides opportunities that benefit your health and the community environment. You will stay involved, stay in control, and stay motivated!

Learn more about the program below and discover the healthy, happy, and fulfilled lifestyle you can lead living at one of our communities!

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness at Brightspire

1 - Physical

Maintain a healthy body through sound nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy living habits! Our communities offer modern amenities with superior aquatic and fitness programs, and our full-time Wellness Directors provide comprehensive class schedules, as well as individualized fitness programs tailored to your ability.

Classes include:

  • Aquatic Fitness
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Yoga
  • Tai-chi
  • Low-impact Aerobics


2 - Social

Engage with other residents in daily activities and enjoy a full calendar of events and programs. Weekly excursions to surrounding areas of interest and cultural events encourage camaraderie and a strong sense of belonging. You can stay as busy as you wish!

Events include:

  • Visits to local museums
  • Theatrical productions, symphonies, or sporting events
  • Trips to area wineries
  • Community activities such as billiards, bocce ball, card games, and group dances
  • Weekend or overnight outings to areas of interest


3 - Intellectual

Participate in lifelong learning opportunities with local colleges and universities. Non-credit academic classes, travel for education, volunteering, and community service stimulate the brain, boost physical activity, and build strong social relationships. Many Glenaire residents participate in the Encore Program for Lifelong Enrichment at NC State University, while Scotia Village residents benefit from the St. Andrews Institute of Lifelong Learning (SAILL) at nearby St. Andrews University.

Learning opportunities include:

  • Courses at local colleges and universities
  • The enLighten interactive program, which brings museums, institutes, parks, and universities to our communities via live “face to face” video conferences, led by educators or subject matter experts
  • Quiz Bowl competitions
  • Book clubs
  • Cultural arts reviews and historical discussions
  • Computer classes (Beginner to Advanced)


4 - Spiritual

Explore a variety of spiritual activities and events with staff and fellow residents representing a variety of religious backgrounds. As you seek meaning and purpose in human existence, you will bolster your spiritual wellness and experience the formation of faith and hope and the demonstration of values by behavior.

Events include:

  • Bible studies
  • Vesper services
  • Non-denominational worship services
  • Study of other faiths
  • Caregiver support groups


5 - Nutritional

Experience restaurant-style dining coupled with delectable, heart-healthy meals that support your wellness goals without sacrificing taste or enjoyment. Additionally, educational programs provide information about making healthy eating choices, as eating well provides the body with the energy and nutrition it needs to function at its best.

Dietary programs from our Healthy Living series include:

  • “Variety is the Spice of Life”
  • “Where Dieting Goes Wrong”
  • “Hydration: You Are What You Drink”
  • “Wholesome Grains and Glorious Greens”
  • “Wake Up to a Better Breakfast”


6 - Environmental

Join the Brightspire community in being a good steward of our natural environment. We are committed to preserving our environmental resources and encourage our residents and employees to take a leading role to help make Brightspire and its communities eco-friendly. Our objective is to make “green” living affordable; therefore, best practices are shared among our communities to maximize benefits.

We promote:

  • Efficient energy usage
  • Recycling programs
  • Community gardening
  • Efficient water usage
  • Environmentally friendly constructions


7 - Safety

Learn the preventative practices that extend your wellness and independence, while living in a safe and secure community. All Brightspire communities focus on safety by offering 24-hour security and emergency response systems in every home.

Safety programs include:

  • Self-defense classes
  • Balance classes
  • Driver assessment programs
  • Safety and health lectures
  • Education on the protection of personal information


8 - Community Outreach

Live a more vibrant and healthy life by reaching out and helping others. Studies indicate that people who invest their lives in others experience greater feelings of contentment and increased self-esteem. Discover how your personal lifestyle and choices impact your community environmentally and socially.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Mentoring
  • Volunteering at local food banks and charities
  • Making blankets and bonnets for newborns at area hospitals
  • Adopting schools
  • Supporting local non-profit projects