Glenaire’s Yard Sale Returns

Published: May 31, 2022

A much-loved tradition returns this June. The Glenaire Yard Sale — a favorite of residents, staff and families — is back after being on hiatus through the pandemic. The sale will run all day Friday, June 10, through noon on Saturday, June 11, and is open to anyone in and outside of the community.

Last held in the fall of 2019, the event is usually held twice a year with proceeds going to the Glenaire Residents Association to support different initiatives that enrich the lives of residents and the community.

“The yard sale raises money for activities and benefits for the residents,” says Mike Davis, resident and the current chairperson of the yard sale committee. “For instance, we have a fantastic library, a chorus group called the Glenaires, and many (resident-tended) garden areas.”

While the sale allows residents, staff and the community at large to snatch up well-priced furnishings, household items and other treasures, the event itself is a wonderful opportunity for residents to get together and meet their neighbors.

“People are excited about (the yard sale),” adds Mike. “It’s a big function and a lot of fun. As an activity it really fits into the community’s overall wellness program.”

The yard sale will also feature a 50/50 raffle this year, with half of the money awarded as a prize and half benefiting the sale.

Wednesday before the sale, movers are brought in to carry large items from the community center’s basement into the auditorium where the sale takes place. A team of table captains leads volunteers in setting up the tables and getting everything prepared for the sale to begin on Friday morning. Other volunteers work as cashiers throughout the sale. More than 50 residents volunteer to make sure the sale goes smoothly.

Although the sale only runs a few days, preparation for the event is an ongoing endeavor. The items for the sale are donated mostly from Glenaire residents themselves, who continue to downsize as their lifestyle and needs change. Even future residents preparing to move into the expansion have donated furnishings and other household items.

“Residents and future residents are the major source of donations,” says Regina McLaurin, former yard sale committee chair and current resident volunteer who works to organize inventory and facilitate donations. 

“Personally, it has been great for me. I’m getting rid of stuff right and left,” she says with a laugh, referring to donating her own items. 

“But the yard sale is also a great opportunity to get together and see each other again,” adds Regina, “and for visitors to come and see the community.”

The items are organized and stored in a section of the Glenaire basement called the cage. As you can imagine, inventory tends to build up. Staff and residents can browse and purchase items throughout the year. “I’ve enjoyed meeting residents and a lot of Glenaire employees (who buy many items). They are such great people.” 

While in-person events were on hold, this accounted for much of the sales. But the yard sales have typically represented a major percentage of the sales. “The sales typically account for 60% of revenue raised,” explains Mike.

After noon on Saturday, everything that is left unsold will be packed up and donated through Thrift2Gift, a Cary organization that funds a variety of other nonprofits. The yard sale also clears out the inventory so that more donated items can be accepted and stored for the next sale.


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