The Presbyterian Homes reveals new name and logo

Published: May 02, 2022

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Management and the Board of Governors of The Presbyterian Homes, Inc., have announced a rebranding of their organization. The Presbyterian Homes, Inc., will now do business as Brightspire, reflecting the organization’s open, faith-inspired mission to serve others through senior living communities and other initiatives.

The name change came about in order to better differentiate the organization from the many other “Presbyterian Homes” and similarly named organizations in the senior living space. The change also allows the organization to emphasize its appeal to a broader community of residents, employees, and partners.

The new name draws its inspiration from the familiar Bible verse, John 8:12, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

“The idea of light as a symbol of God’s love, faith or life itself is a common theme found in many of the world’s religions,” explains Tim Webster, President of Brightspire. “In this context, that light acts as a beacon and gathering point for those seeking community, warmth and comfort.”

Leadership and board members are quick to emphasize that, rather than representing a new direction for the organization, the new name and brand more accurately represents the organization’s well-established mission and values.

“Our Presbyterian heritage and affiliation along with our mission are not changing,” says Webster.

The Brightspire name and accompanying logo are designed to leverage the nonprofit’s Presbyterian heritage while conveying the broader appeal of the welcoming, enriching culture that characterizes the organization and its communities. 

“We’re excited about how this name embodies who we are as an organization and the opportunities it opens up for conversations about how we work to enrich the lives of those we serve,” says Laura Lowe, Director of Sales and Marketing for the organization. “Our Presbyterian foundations remain as strong as ever. This new name allows us to speak to the open, positive, welcoming nature that our faith inspires.”

Brightspire currently owns and operates three continuing care retirement communities in North Carolina: River Landing at Sandy Ridge in High Point; Glenaire in Cary; and Scotia Village in Laurinburg. The organization also partners with Friends Homes in Greensboro, Capital Towers in Raleigh, and other organizations in the senior living space. 

According to leadership, existing and future residents will see no change in the names and logos of their communities. “Our communities are well-established, highly regarded brands in their own right,” explains Webster. “Leadership and board members all believe in maintaining and supporting those individual brands.”

The organization began as The Presbyterian Home of High Point, Inc., in 1952, in an effort to address concerns voiced by the Presbyterian clergy of North Carolina over the growing number of aging adults. As the organization looked ahead to how it would best meet the needs of a broader population, the name was changed to The Presbyterian Homes, Inc., (PHI) in 1984. By 2003, PHI had opened Scotia Village (1988); Glenaire (1993); and River Landing at Sandy Ridge (2003). 

Today, through continual renovation, expansion, and new partnerships, Brightspire serves more than 2,000 older adults in communities across the state and employs over 900 dedicated full-time and part-time staff members.


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