Scotia’s Wellness Director Shares Her Passion for People

Published: August 30, 2022

When Sarah Laviner came to Scotia Village in March 2021 as the new Wellness Director, she knew she’d found the perfect fit. The role combined her expertise in fitness and overall wellness with her passion for people. What Sarah didn’t anticipate was just how much fun the residents would be.

“I’ve loved every minute of it,” says Sarah.

Even though it was a big change from her previous role working with the children across the road at Sycamore Lane Elementary School, she had also been working as a wellness instructor with people of all ages in Laurinburg.

As a Level 1 Certified Crossfit Coach, she had plenty of experience working one-on-one with people to improve their mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. Sarah also prepared for her role at Scotia Village by earning her senior fitness specialist certification through American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).

And while the residents of Scotia Village may have different fitness goals than elementary school children or Crossfit athletes, she has found that the residents are every bit as committed.

While fitness represents a big part of Sarah’s background, she also realizes that fitness is one part of a whole-person approach to wellness that encompasses many dimensions of an active, meaningful life. “The approach to wellness here really rounded out my own philosophy around wellness,” says Sarah. “Wellness here really offers a sense of purpose and support.” 

Wellness programs at Scotia Village cover a wide range of activities, classes, volunteer opportunities, as well as pathways for continued learning and spiritual growth.

For Sarah, that provides her with all kinds of opportunities to engage residents, getting valuable feedback that allows her to further customize fitness programs and other activities to suit different individual needs. “I’ve learned a lot from the residents,” she says. “Working with them is my biggest joy. Their commitment is so inspiring.”

Looking ahead at the upcoming expansion, Sarah is anticipating being able to explore and offer even more classes and state-of-the-art equipment in a reimagined wellness center. She’s already developed strong relationships with the wellness directors at the other Brightspire communities, who have been more than willing to share what has worked well in their wellness center expansions. 

For future residents, Sarah makes it clear that the best part about coming to Scotia Village is the people. “You’re coming to a community with a family atmosphere, with so much life and energy. It’s so welcoming and inclusive,” she explains. “From a wellness perspective, you’ll have the support of people who truly care — residents and staff!”

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