Wellness is Priority at Glenaire

Published: September 30, 2022

Wellness is Priority at Glenaire

Carolyn Rice, Wellness Director at Glenaire has been a part of the wellness team since 2019. This position is her second role, as she was hired in 2005 as a billing specialist before joining the wellness team. Throughout her time at Glenaire, she has always had a passion for wellness. Throughout her time at Glenaire, she has always had a passion for wellness. Any spare time she had before becoming the Wellness Director was dedicated to attending or leading a wellness activity, helping with events, and taking classes offered by the wellness department.

As Carolyn began her wellness position, she was able to take lead role in the Brightspire Olympics, which she notes is a highlight of the activities for residents. Not long after those fall Olympics, COVID was at its peak and made it difficult to round up activities for the community and residents. She and the team met challenges gracefully, and as things started to open back up, activities were planned to make sure the residents needs were met.

“At Glenaire, the Wellness Director is not only in charge of the fitness center and programming, but also oversees the Life Enrichment Coordinator position, where we produce the calendar of events, and newsletter”, states Carolyn. “We also cover transportation for the different activities on campus.”

With so many options for activity, Carolyn stays on the go. While each day looks different for her based on programing, she can be found transporting the golf team to go practice for the Olympics, helping the Chaplin set up for a memorial service, helping with a musical concert, working with volunteers, and teaching a class or two. She loves every minute and is also affectionately known as the “Director of Awesomeness.” The team is always canvasing the community to make sure every resident feels included. Staff are included in the wellness community, as the team wants to make sure needs are met. Walking groups, an annual 5K, fitness classes, and different support groups are only a few of the offerings.

In another aspect of her position, Carolyn played an essential role in helping to develop the enCompass program that the Brightspire communities follow to find better health in six dimensions of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, nutritional, and community outreach. She continues to find inspiration from these dimensions as she works in the community. Being able to inspire the wellness team to be creative and innovative to develop new programs to keep the community focused on these goals, brings her a lot of joy.

Planning for the future, Carolyn is prepared for exploring as many activities as possible to engage residents and keep a fresh outlook on wellness. “Keeping up with not only physical trends, but also nutritional needs, will be essential to making sure Glenaire has the best options to offer current and future residents,” says Carolyn. With the new expansion on the horizon, she is confident that the new features will provide even more space to provide entertainment and involvement for current and future residents. To view all of the exciting expansion amenities, please visit the Glenaire website.

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