Enrichment in Wellness, Kayla McBane

Published: September 30, 2022

Enrichment in Wellness, Kayla McBane, Wellness Coordinator

Kayla McBane, Wellness Coordinator at Friends Homes, joined the Friends family in May 2022, a few months before the new Wellness Center opened the doors to residents. With six years of wellness experience, she has brought knowledge of wellbeing to our residents and staff.

Coming onboard at such an exciting time for Friends Homes has given Kayla opportunities to connect with residents and future residents by being proactive with physical goals, social activities, and providing a safe, supportive environment.

Kayla graduated from UNCG with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a minor in dance. She still spends time enjoying her passion for dance by teaching lessons to children one night a week. Combining her love of wellness and dance is fulfilling for her, as she can keep daily movement a part of her routine.

With her background, Kayla not only brings skill to her job, but a passion of being able to work with older adults. She feels fortunate to consider the residents as extended family, and enjoys sharing stories from her own household, as she raises two young children. She grew up with her grandparents right across the street from her and spent a lot of quality time with them by gardening and helping around the house. She considers this a big blessing while growing up, which she is reminded of daily here at Friends Homes.

One of Kayla’s biggest joy’s working at Friends Homes is seeing the progress that each resident makes in their physical health. “One of my goals is to make exercise more of a fun experience, with a desire to do it, instead of it being a chore,” Kayla says. “I want the residents to enjoy a variety of physical activity whether it’s a group exercise class, group outings, or just to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.”

With the opening of the new wellness center, Kayla feels the opportunities for more community involvement will grow. Physical health can be a great avenue for social activity, and she feels the group classes and sports activities will bring the residents together. The Pickleball court has been popular for a social and physical activity, with group tournaments and excitement for spectators.  For individual progress, the HUR exercise machines have added a personalized physical program, by scanning an arm band that gives a resident the plan they can follow based on recommendations by Kayla and her co-workers. The game room offers options such as a ping pong table and air hockey for residents to enjoy and is a popular destination when family is visiting. There will be a billiards table added soon, with some other fun options.

“My hope is that any fear of engaging in physical activity is eased by coming to the wellness center,” states Kayla. “Seeing the residents enjoy their experience with being active is our goal.”

When you move into Friends Home, you can visit Kayla in the wellness center and enjoy a positive journey with your health. Become involved with a personal fitness program or join a group class. Being a part of this community, your health is a top priority, and the team looks forward to working with you.




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