Brain Food @ Brightspire

Published: August 21, 2023

Brain Food @ Brightspire

In this first edition, we are focusing on our Wellness Value, which encourages the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The food incorporated in this healthy diet, stems from a research study introduced in 2015 from the University of Chicago, The Mediterranean Diet. Since 2015, the plant-based diet has shown to aid in lowering hypertension, regulating depression, and reducing cognitive decline. These results led researchers to combine the Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet.

So what is The MIND Diet? The MIND diet combines the Mediterranean and DASH principles to create a dietary pattern that focuses specifically on brain health. The recommended plan is to consume a regular diet of these foods:
• Green, leafy vegetables: Aim for six or more servings per week.
• All other vegetables: Try to eat another vegetable in addition to the green leafy vegetables at least once per day.
• Berries: Eat berries at least twice per week.
• Nuts: Try to get five or more servings of nuts each week.
• Olive oil: Use olive oil as your main cooking oil.
• Whole grains: Aim for at least three servings daily.
• Fish: Eat fish at least once per week.
• Beans: Include beans in at least four meals per week.
• Poultry: Try to eat chicken or turkey at least twice per week.
• Wine: Aim for no more than one glass daily. Both red and white wine may benefit your brain. ( list)

In all our Brightspire communities, the dining teams are providing all of these brain-healthy foods. We also schedule nutritional seminars that provide tools and education around how to keep a balanced diet and positive relationship with food.
Here’s your dessert! Portion control is another success factor of The MIND Diet, so enjoy a few sweet treats to enhance brain function at any age:

• Walk 10-20 minutes a day
• Board Games with friends and family
• Plenty of rest
• Crossword puzzles
• Create: read, write, sing, paint

Current residents, please reach out to your wellness team for any additional assistance to keep your mind and body active and healthy. We are so glad you are part of our family, and we will continue to enhance the quality of your life.

For our future residents, we encourage you to visit our communities to experience the activities we provide through our Wellness programs.

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