Timing Counts

Published: November 01, 2023

Remember when you unpacked the last box, felt settled, and spent your first few days exploring the community?

Maybe there was excitement or just a slight bit of fear. New friends, new routines and certainly a lot to retain when exploring the campus. One place you came across a top spot to visit when adjusting to change: our state-of-the-art Wellness Center. Plenty of opportunities are offered to keep your mind sharp and body active, and you can nurture those newly found friendships with games, walking, and making a name for yourself on the Pickleball court.

Another advantage of our wellness center is the ability to join a 7am class, or hit snooze, and take your walk around the track in the afternoon. With access to the best equipment in the gym, a pool, and our knowledgeable wellness staff on hand, any of these options are available to support your overall health needs.

Let’s revisit signing up for that 7am class. 

Evidence of an ideal time to exercise was conducted for a research study on Circadian Rhythms and Exercise in Cardiometabolic Health*. Morning exercise routines have shown a reduction in abdominal fat and an overall kick-start to metabolism. Mid-day exercise can aid in lowering your blood pressure, an ideal time for those who need to keep their blood pressure in mind. If you like natural and effective ways to fall asleep at night, a low intensity workout can help the body relax and ready for rest. Working out within the natural circadian clock is ideal for optimal energy output, which leads to better sleep. The study provided more evidence that our body, particularly our muscular and skeletal tissues, function better when exercised at a peak time.

Stay up to date with classes, even the early ones, and all schedules in your wellness center by visiting Caremerge and reaching out to your Wellness Director and staff.


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*Circadian Rhythms

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