River Landing Artist Showcase

Published: February 09, 2024

River Landing Artist Showcase

Artists from all of our communities gathered to view a variety of paintings, photos, tapestries, and performing arts. 

"I wish I could buy this today!" was a common statement during the showcase on February 2nd. A well organized display of the different artistic examples were arranged for optimum viewing, and for the judges to make notations. Judges were chosen based on recommendations from residents and staff, and contributed their best recommendations for the overall winners. "If only I could give each participant first place. These submissions showcase the talent represented among our residents," stated Tina Webster.

The entries were admired and studied; the submitting artists were hesitant to claim their talent, but it was undeniable to see such artistry displayed. 

Organized by many staff members at River Landing, Courtney Bless, Wellness Director, created a beautiful showcase of the art work, took care of spectators, and organized volunteers 

The winners and a photo gallery of the event can be viewed here  - we are looking forward to next year! 

Visual Arts

Fine Arts: 

1  Elda Hiser, Glenarie - Shell Seekers

2  Robin Hedrick, River Landing - Fall Breezes 

3  Janet Wilkes, Glenaire - Egrets Dancing


Photographic Arts:

1 Mike Baylor, Glenaire - Beaufort, NC

2 Melissa Van Wey, Glenaire - Moss

3 George Van Arnam, Glenaire - Flowers in Light Shadow


Ceramic/Sculpture/Plastic Arts:

1 Carol Whitehead, Scotia Village - Melt Down

2 Tony Bledsoe, River Landing - Blue/Green Bowl

3 Tony Bledsoe, River Landing - Blue Leaf Bowl


Decorative Arts: 

1 Margery Knott, Friends Homes - Earth Spirit

2 Margery Knott, Friends Homes - The Earth Gives Birth to Stories

3 Darla Couch, River Landing - Green Sea



1 Sondra Schutz, Glenaire - Leftover Scraps

2 Barbara Harris - Story of Christmas

3 Susan Parham, River Landing - On Eagles Wings Pattern


Glass Art:

1 Fred Heins, River Landing - Autumn Rainbow

2 Bob Bursey, Friends Homes - Oops

3 Beth Musselwhite, Scotia Village - Good Morning, Morning Glory



1 Carol Fowler, Scotia Village - Necklace and Earrings 

2 Barbara Harris, River Landing - Beaded Embroidered Collar

3 Peggy Van Arnam, Glenaire - Beads


Performing Arts


Music - Vocal Performance:

1 Chris Hayden, River Landing - These Hands

2 Scotia Sweethearts, Scotia Village - Shop Quartet 

3 David White, River Landing - If Ever I Would Leave You


Music - Instrumental Performance:

1 River Landing Band

2 Becky Talbott and Lola W., River Landing - Flute and Clarinet Duet

3 Chuck Coltrane, Friends Homes - Flute Solo



1 Betsey Brown, River Landing - Thank God I'm Old

2 Glenaire Chair Dancers, Glenarie - Getcha' Head in the Game

3 Glenaire Dance Team, Glenaire - Shimmy Like Sister Kate


Creative Story Telling/Spoken Word: 

1 Betsey Brown, Friends Homes - Forgetfulness

2 Pat Ramsden, Scotia Village - Mary Magdelene monologue


Literary Arts


Essays - non-autobiographical:

1 Walt Pilcher, River Landing - The National Bureau of Mellow Standards



1 Sue Yarger, Glenaire - Haunted Hotel

2 Patricia Evans and Rosemary Downey, Glenaire - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN and Marie Riesenfeld Lears to Drive- 1958

3 Sondra Schutz, Glenaire - Grandma Bracken


Short Story:

1 Judy Norris, Scotia Village - A German Christmas

2 Carol Whitehead, Scotia Village - The Big Brown Box

3 Judy Norris, Scotia Village - 1940 Maneuvers/Incident in the Fog



1 Carol Pilcher, River Landing - Song of Silence

2 Jim Wayne, Scotia Village - The First Death

3 Sue Fidler, Scotia Village - Spirits



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