Published: May 17, 2024
At LeadingAge North Carolina's 2024 Conference, Brightspire received three of of the six awards. We are proud to represent our communities in accordance with our mission.

LeadingAge NC Awards

Leading Age

The Presbyterian Home Band 
River Landing
Excellence in Community Service

At the time of its formation in 1962, The Presbyterian Home Band set out to simply play tunes and enjoy the company of others who loved music. Since that time, the band has evolved from a simple music group into a significant cultural force, producing music videos, touring, and performing numerous concerts.

Using household items turned instruments, including sink stoppers, a cheese box, vacuum funnels, pipes, and utensils, they've captivated audiences across North Carolina, promoting social interaction among seniors and embodying the mission of active living. Led by retired director Rachel Dunn for a decade, the band adapted during the pandemic into a traveling community service group. Mrs. Dunn proudly shares that while she is no longer able to lend her vocal talents due to health challenges, the band needed her, just as much as she needed them.

Their dedication has earned them recognition from UNC-TV, Our State magazine, and beyond. By providing a consistent music education program for aging adults and offering social interaction, mentorship, and care, they continue to make a positive impact on their community. Their innovative spirit, showcased through YouTube performances and appearances at prestigious events like the Tosco Music Party, ensures their legacy endures.

Band member Wiz Horner states, ''Re-learning to read music at my age gives me an opportunity to engage my mind, and it's such a blessing that this band has solidified my view on River Landing's (Brightspire's) mission. "I get to live a very rich life here; the commitment to excellence and support of aging services is astounding."


WECARE - Brightspire
Workplace Excellence

Brightspire team members worked closely with Donna Cutting of Red Carpet Learning to develop a curriculum dedicated to delivery of excellent customer service. The WECARE program, dedicated to innovation and diversity, aims to create a vibrant environment that prioritizes security and enriches the quality of life for all.

WECARE emphasizes: Welcoming everyone, Establishing moments of WOW!, Communicating with compassion, Anticipating and taking action, Rallying and responding, and Embracing care. The framework serves as a guiding light, ensuring that every interaction within the workplace is characterized by a dedication to service and excellence.

WECARE serves as a cornerstone for self-development within Brightspire. The organization encourages and provides comprehensive training modules to every member of its workforce. These sessions are designed to engage staff members across all levels, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and mutual respect. As Brightspire invests in the education and development of its staff, the dividends of respect and care are reciprocated, enriching the fabric of the entire company.

The impact of WECARE permeates the organization, instilling a positive mindset among employees and fostering a healthier workplace culture. By encouraging an open mindset, promoting the use of positive language, and recognizing the significance of first impressions, staff members remain focused on the ethos of #lovingwheretheywork. This hashtag, consistently utilized within the organization alongside WECARE and other workplace development initiatives, reinforces engagement in service-based interactions and cultivates meaningful relationships with both staff and residents.


Suzette Roach -Glenaire 
Excellence in Leadership 

Suzette Roach stands out for her unwavering commitment to the well­ being of current and future residents. Serving as the Director of Resident Life for the past 20 years, Suzette is a trailblazer in the field of social work within senior living.

Suzette has revolutionized the way social work is perceived and practiced. By actively engaging with educational institutions such as North Carolina State University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she has mentored and trained aspiring social workers through internships, fostering a new generation of professionals dedicated to elder care. Her mentorship has led to tangible results, with former interns now serving as valuable members of the Glenaire team.

Beyond her work within Glenaire, Suzette remains deeply involved in community organizations focused on home health, aging services, and medical agencies. Her compassionate approach to networking not only benefits residents but also extends support to their families, providing guidance and reassurance during times of transition and change. Her initiatives, such as The Glade adult day care center, have redefined the standard of care for aging populations, reflecting her passion and commitment to enhancing quality of life.

Suzette's contributions extend beyond her professional duties, as she also serves as Glenaire's historian, capturing moments through her photography and preserving the community's legacy. Her involvement in developing essential resources like the resident handbook underscores her dedication to ensuring residents' comfort and empowerment.

As a trusted member of Glenaire's leadership team, Suzette exemplifies stability and dedication, always willing to share her expertise for the betterment of the community as a whole.













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