Keep Moving

enCompass is a personalized program that focuses on the whole person and provides opportunities that benefit your health and the community environment. We offer a culture of wellness in which you are encouraged to discover and enjoy your optimum level of health and fitness. Total wellness, through the eight dimensions, results in a happier and more fulfilled life. It's more than just fitness - wellness affects your mind, body and spirit. 

Through the enCompass program, you'll be able to take fitness classes, volunteer within or outside River Landing, study different faiths, recycle, attend a lifelong learning class, enjoy local or regional trips, make healthy eating choices and participate in safety programs. 

enCompass Programs Include

  • Individualized fitness programs
  • One-on-one training
  • Annual fitness assessment
  • Biodex balance system
  • Annual Olympics with sister communities
  • 18+ fitness classes each week
  • 30+ lifelong learning classes each year
  • Quiz Bowl competitions
  • Book clubs
  • Bible study

Wellness Center