Grants and Service Programs

In an effort to support our mission, Scotia Village, and our parent company Brightspire, continually strive to create new programs that enhance our residents’ physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being. Please contact us about any of these unique programs; we will be delighted to share the details with you. You’ve given so much to so many—we want to give back to you.

Partners In Ministry Grant

As a faith-based organization, Scotia Village appreciates and honors those who have spent many years serving others in the ministry. We pay tribute to your service through our Partners in Ministry Grant. Many retired ministers, missionaries and other church workers have used this grant to move here at a special rate. If you worked in some form of ministry for 20+ years, you are eligible for this program.

Retired Military Program

With its proximity to Fort Bragg, commissaries and PXs, Scotia Village is a natural retirement choice for those who served in the military. We are honored to have many retired military officers, nurses and chaplains living here. Our Retired Military Program enabled many of them to move here at a special rate. If you receive military benefits, you are eligible for this program.

Retired Educators Program

Scotia Village, with its proximity to and affiliation with St. Andrews University, recognizes the dedication of educators. We honor your service through our Retired Educators Program. Many people who worked in education for a number of years have used this program to move to Scotia Village at a special rate. If you receive retirement benefits from a learning institution, you are eligible for this program.

Sustainability Commitment

As a church-related, non-profit organization, we are committed to maintaining an outstanding record of sound financial viability and integrity. We are also committed to innovative and sustainable business practices. When we all stand together, our efforts make a significant difference in the world our children will inherit. We believe there is a moral imperative to help sustain the natural world we depend so closely on. Brightspire is committed to making a difference, and we invite others who care about our communities’ environment to join us.

We Care Customer Service Program

We have many employees who consistently go above and beyond to serve our residents. The We Care program was developed to help us be intentional about providing the very best service and care to all our customers, as well as catching our employees in the act of providing exceptional We Care Service to our residents, family members and co-workers.

The We Care program also provides a way to recognize our exceptional employees. We affirm and credit employees for making a difference, treating problems as challenges, anticipating and being sensitive to resident needs, following the golden rule, and doing exceptional work.

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