Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit

At Glenaire, wellness is about the whole person and how the community provides an opportunity to nurture your physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health. We call it our enCompass program, and it offers personalized options designed to benefit your overall well-being and the health of the community. The program is about more than fitness. It's an overarching approach to activities and interaction to help you enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Through enCompass, you have more options to stay engaged and active in the areas of life that matter to you. You can take fitness classes, volunteer in the community, study different faiths, help the community with recycling and other environmental projects, attend lifelong learning classes, enjoy local or regional trips, explore healthy eating choices, participate in safety programs and much more. 

Wellness Centers

8000 Wellness Center Entrance 
Sports Court 
Indoor Walking Track 
Men's and women's locker rooms
Indoor Heated Pool