The Glade

A place for activities, togetherness and compassion.

The Glade at Glenaire is a unique, wonderful adult care day center designed to provide a safe, stimulating and supportive environment for senior adults with dementia or other age-related challenges. Our goal is to create a flexible, engaging experience to meet the changing needs and interests of each individual participant. By combining programs focused on physical, social and emotional well-being, we help participants enjoy a more active, full, daily life.

Focused on the whole person

We see every participant as unique with their own interests
and evolving needs. So we offer a whole-person approach to programs to address different aspects of individual well-being. Our program is based on addressing:
• Physical well-being: By offering a pleasant environment, a nutritious lunch, daily exercise, assistance with activities of daily living, nursing care services and referrals to other agencies as needed
• Social well-being: By offering the opportunity for contact with peers, a caring staff and volunteers, and increased contact with others in the community 
• Emotional well-being: By building on strengths and
increasing feelings of self-worth and dignity

Enrichment, activities and nutrition

The Glade participants receive a full range of services and programs from an attentive, caring staff to enhance and maintain their quality of life. 

• Enrichment activities and educational programs, including: music; arts and crafts; cooking;
gardening; animal therapy; spiritual opportunities; exercise; mind-stretching activities; and more
• Social involvement with surrounding community activities and resources
• Education and motivation around good personal care
• Nutritious hot meals and daily snacks
• Physical activity appropriate for each individual’s ability

Convenient and accessible

Nestled within the Life Plan Community of Glenaire near the heart of Cary, The Glade is for adults 62+ and is open to residents of Glenaire, as well as the outside community. The Glade operates from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM, five days a week, excluding holidays. 

Contact The Glade for a tour or more information at 919-447-4494.


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With participation in The Glade, your loved one will have the opportunity to make new friendships. They will be engaged in meaningful activities that will help them experience a feeling of validation and increased self-esteem. While your loved one is enjoying their day at The Glade, you can re-engage in your own life. Spouses, children or caregivers can return to their regular work schedule or gain some needed respite and relaxation. Everyone enjoys a benefit!

Call today to discover how you and your family

will benefit from involvement in The Glade.



The Glade at Glenaire

6150 Glenview Garden Place

Cary, NC 27511